A thread for my latest stuff -- edm


I will not spam song forum with like, “a zillion threads.” Problem is, I am a little bit of a prolific musician. And you know it was so many years I did not make music cause I was just so tired. but now I feel like, “almost.”

Almost!! My dance music is almost kind of what I hear in my head. percussion is almost there. I almost understand this

Its so wild how long it takes to practice music production. I have been doing production as a whole almost 12 years. almost 10 years with renoise!!!

This track like 99% made in renoise. I just at the very end rewire to Cubase pro for just a couple of mix things.


So… ps. even if I am quietly making a bunch of tracks, I will try not to spam renoise song forum. so follow me on soundcloud if you want


Adding track, instead of making multiple threads. I am not 100% happy with this, but I am sharing anyway :slight_smile: … I really like the arpeggio if you make it that far. lol. All this stuff is done in Renoise. I use Cubase just as a Rewire host, just for a couple of mix things. Everything else sequence, sampled, sound design, mix, in Renoise

this is just edm



To be honest, I am not 100% happy with this. but I am sharing anyway :slight_smile: I haven’t made tracks in years!!! 5 years ago I was just bloody exhausted from music. I miss doing it. so I am making some tracks. probably just all house. hopefully the next one has a little better groove. I though this grooved, but now I am not so thrilled with it.


What is that synth?

What is that synth?

Which one? The arpeggio? 100% of my synths get rendered to samples or Renoise instruments. By the time I finish a song, there aren’t any sounds left in the form of, “a vst synth.”

My kicks come from EKS Pro. My other drums from an extensive collection of sample libraries and instruments. My basses are usually Fxpansion Synth Squad (only Strobe) v1 – which can no longer be purchased.

The Arpeggio here is from Carbon 2 in Reaktor 6. - iirc I think it is just 4 bars rendered to audio and looped.

It is just saw waves. Its not the synth per se… it is how you sequence it in Renoise.



This has ever so gentle delay, reverb, chorus in that order

​Cheers, thanks for the comment :slight_smile: