A Tip, From Me, For You.

If you’re ever in the situation that you just reinstalled your OS, DON’T click an entire harddisk as source for your VST’s in Renoise.
I was being lazy and thought Renoise would just filter out the VST’s but the whole thing hung > BSOD > reboot > everything is OK now.

Might save you a few minutes of frustration in the future :lol:

thank u! there are so many variables that can cause a computer to malfunction! Now we know of another one so we can cross it off the list!!!

No problem!

Don’t delete system32!

Too late! :(

Damnit - why didnt you post this yesterday…WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Renoise runs better if you upgrade to system33

This probably sounds dumb, however, how does one upgrade to system 33? By upgrading the OS? Renoise runs beautifully on my computer, but if i can improve further…

It just needs a coat of paint.


and a gentle pet

mine likes it rough though :ph34r: ,… your mileage may vary.

I tried to add system33 folder on my linux home folder but it didn’t help. anyone?