A Toast To Renoise Developers And Designers

For anyone who looks at this forum and software from the outside, this looks like just another software, with just another community of people.

Well, I wanted to take the time and say:
Eduard, Zvonko, Paul, Martin, Simon, Fabien, Vincent and Sato - you guys are unbelievable, you have created a software that just became an extension of my arms and brain, and I enjoy every minute of using it and I love the level of details you put into its design.

In fact, every minute of the day that I am NOT using it, I think about using it.

I truly think that the person or persons who insisted on the details in the design is one among a very small number of people capable of such quality in our generation. And I have seen my fair share of software and worked with my fair share of software designers.

Know that although this looks like a regular community, and a regular board, I am sure there are quite a few people who think like me here and we are thankful.

Just as an anecdote, the thing that triggered this post is just that I found the Velocity Device… and using it together with the Send Device to control some external VST. I did not yet find something I want to do in Renoise that was not there. Plain and simple (please dont let this become a discussion about how people miss piano rolls… :) )

So, cheers people.

File under love letters :wub:

One of my personal favourites is vV, who can never resist to put pictures in his posts :-))


Maybe we should turn things around… because there are enough community users here that also help us out a lot with questions or ideas and keep the pressure leveled. Not only for the Alpha testers, but as well as the regular users here that answer questions and posts out there which shows that you don’t need to be a Renoise god to be able to help out.

I think it had to be said a lot more often earlier but anyway:
Thanks folks, no spirit (and better Renoise revisions) without you and your help!

indeed the details you mention are there mostly thanks to the vivid community we have (and of course the great commitment taktik has in listening to it), so thanks from us of the team to you all, because, before than team members, we are above all Renoise users like you.

yeah! big thank to the boys!!

My deepest gratitude and respect to the professionalism and skill behind this beautiful piece of software. A lot of people say it’s not the tool it’s how you use it, whatever, compare it to a tool to dig holes: conventional DAW’s are teaspoons, renoise is a JCB.

I’ve owned:

FL studio

Same old music came out, renoise however took into realms of music making I couldn’t have imagined.
I would gladly pay €50 a year for this software.

a 64k demo maybe?

i tried that once, i got the error ‘fail: morecowbell.dll could not be found’

Kudos back to you all. As IT and the others already said: We are just doing half of the job, the rest is done here by all of you. Also I am not that jesus, as I still do all this to create a tracker which I need/want by myself ;)

hallelujah… :)

Don’t think Jesus didn’t need the love he promoted ;)
Probably needed it more than his followers by the end.
But that’s a different story

I really like this Renoise program. I heared the Unreal Engine was programmed with it. Nice job! ;)

There’s even a program?

Well, yes… the Renoise Rehab.

after posting my tracker past, I went to Wikipedia to read, once more, about the past of trackers.

I will toast not only to the developers, but to all of you still embrasing this great way of making music!

without you all I was likely clicking some tunes in FL or be abused by cubase and stopped making music. (which you maybe prefer but sorry, I like to make music)

First thanks for making Renoise the way it is. A quality tracker with the usual intuitive way of working.

I do not know the developers of Renoise, but it seems you care enough to listen to those very few individuals that knows the do’s and dont’s. A good application is always build on openly communication. For that I salute. :)

I love you all.

No really, i do.

Music would be gay without renoise.