A Tool To Find All Loop Ideal Positions

I’m looking for a tool which can arrange a wave or give me all the ideal points where the phase of a wave is the same.

This might avoid the annoying ‘tick’ noise listen where a loop starts in a wrong position of the wav respect the end of the loop itself.

not that it is a solution to all the loop problems, anyway are you aware of the existence of a loop fine editor in Renoise?

I use “Snap to: [0 crossing]” (it’s the checkbox next to ‘Draw’ in the top-right corner of the Sample Editor). Doesn’t match any phase except 0°/180° (i.e. zero-crossings), but for my purposes it’s good enough.

FYI I have never used the loop fine editor since ‘Snap to’ was introduced to Renoise :)

Can you please explain me how to use it ? Honestly, I’ve already seen the explanations on manual but still don’t get it… ^_^