A track I'm a bit stuck on

Hi guys, I’ve been working on this for waaaay too long now. Just wondered if anyone here has any thoughts on it?


You really have some nice elements going on here. Unique sound and some interesting details. Love the electro punk vibe. Reminds me of Adult. for some reason. I have crappy ear buds on right now, but plan to listen on my monitors soon. Will add any additional thoughts then, but I really enjoyed the track. I think there is room for one more part (lead synth or something) to really highlight the peak of the song. Awesome job! :walkman:

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated! I’ve just uploaded a new version with a few changes but I think you might still be right about needing another element in the peak. Slow going but I’m determined this track will get there eventually.

Haven’t heard of Adult but I’m checking them out now.