A Tribute To It-alien


Interesting. Certainly sounds like a galactic possibility, the cosmological meeting point between your styles… possibly just over near the Kupier belt.

It’s more alien lounge actually… Smooth. You’ve got very close to some of his styles here, but I think Itty is gritty(ier), and has more sonic bite.

Very much love the more straight ahead sections at :51 to 1:42 and 3:02 to 3:50.

Whoah, this is amazing stuff. Everything’s really well done, it avoids any obvious melodies, yet rhythmically keeps chopping up to keep things interesting and sometimes catchy. But as Foo said, when you do introduce a melody in the simpler parts it works incredibly well. Bits of it remind me of Ghengis Tron, though you’re stylistically unalike.

Wow, right on. Thanks! :)

I’m wondering how It-Alien feels about it…

hello Kizzume,

first of all, I’m really glad you give so much attention to my music, though a tribute is something which is generally given to dead artists :)

Being a completely self-taught musician, finding people who understand and appreciate my musical language is always a surprise and a pleasure, and the fact that you have always proved to be a very sensitive person gives even more value to it.

Also, I’m passing through a very complicated period, during which appreciations and confirmations are really what I need.

Regarding the song, I apologize because I only had the time to listen to it once this morning before going to work. I would like to listen it with more attention, but this needs time and time is nothing I will have until tomorrow in the evening.

What I can say is that, though not being really similar, the feelings this song gave me are connected with two old XM songs by me: impACT (2000) and I’m Waiting (2002, probably my last XM ever), songs about waiting for better times and reaction to adversity.
I could be wrong about this since I’m influenced by my present feelings which are indeed similar to these, and the song I’m working on (and I hope I will complete despite of its utter complexity) is just about this.

I hope I will be able to be more precise soon; in the meantime, thanks again for your interest in my opinion.

I certainly didn’t mean to imply that you were dead. Maybe here the word “tribute” is usually used differently–I’ve heard of so many Rush tribute bands, but everyone in Rush is still alive to my knowledge, and other tribute bands to groups that are still alive.

I wonder if there’s a better word I could find than that. Yipes! :)

Requiem ? ;) (’ just kidding)

Okay okay okay :) So I didn’t word the post right. I’m a blond, what can I say?

I didn’t want to use the word “dedicated to IT-Alien” because that really screams that someone is dead. I think of the page before the first chapter in a novel.

I didn’t want to say “ode to IT-Alien” because that seems like someone is dead AND it’s in the middle ages.

So I looked up the word “tribute” and came up with the following:

It has many definitions, so I still am at a loss of what word would have been better. :) I should have just used a phrase: Thanks It-Alien, you have been a major inspiration for me.

ok I’m here again. I’m still not dead, despite of the tribute ;)

I like the idea of the song very much, though I feel some flaws in the making.


The drums in my opinion are a bit too present, expecially in the first part (I’m a drummer and always put too much drums into my songs, so there is really too much of it here :))

The e-bass, instead, should be emphatized: the overall sound is a bit flat because of this.

One suggestion:

ever thought adding a laaaarge saxophone section separing the most intricated lines in the first part?

Mixed thoughts:

The song seems to lay somewhere between Kizzume, It-Alien, Gentle Giant and Genesis (weird place it is :)). Sometimes I felt like the tipical Gentle Giant voice could have been fitting in well.

On the totally opposite side, during these days, I’m listening a lot to Koenjihyakkei, which often sound like such kind of music on steroid+LSD+amphetamine. I suggest you to give them a listen if you don’t know them, maybe they could drive you to a new, unexplored, path.

Cool cool. Thanks for the input.

EDIT: I wish I could find the artist you mentioned–the site you linked to has a bunch of artists on it…