A Truly Amazing Hacker

Read the whole thing, biggest talent ever seen online!!



Kevin Mitnick is no match for this one :D.

:lol: What a genius.
I knew a couple of stories like these back in the time of “Modem and BBS”
Basicly this is the “modern” and intern-based version of the “IQ TEST” story.
In the IQ TEST story the user, once connected, was presented with a classic ascii welcome screen and eventually asked if he wanted to access the BBS (press ENTER) or to access the IQ TEST (press CTRL-Q). Now that obviously was the shortcut command to shut the modem client down…

I even have a capture, somewhere, where me and an old friend (Dupont) were asked the “secret code” to have “infinite time” (at that time your connection time on the bbs was limited to normal user).
We managed to convince him that the right combo was CTRL-ALT-CANC and rebooting at least a couple of time, as far as I remember :)

your avatar is 300kb large; could you reduce it? thanks.

:lol: Hahahahhahhaha!

I hope for his sake that he’s 13 and not 26!


sometimes when i read these storys i think that this cant be true… :)

but because i work as an admin and have to deal with dumbusers quite often i know how stupid some people can be :blink:

Done. Reduced and changed. Dunno what I was thinking… :rolleyes:

that loopback n00b got what he deserved…
showoffs need to be taught a lesson now and then…its how you learn.
I learned alot from this piece of crap that keeped poking in my box cuz I had needed a PATCH job, on a old cvs I had of Samba running.
but he didnt cover his tracks. B)
so we had some fun together. :drummer:
we actualy became friends later on and tested one another for some time. :)