A tune I made in Renoise

Just thought I’d share it. I need to fix the ending. I didn’t realize it would so abruptly. Still it’ll be an easy fix. I need to add more to the ending anyways.


Nice track. I like the panning.

Just fade out the last 5 seconds. (easy ending enough i guess).
Can’t give you exact clear feedback though, listening to laptop speakers is never a real joy, but it sounds quite nice for as far as i can get the ambiance of the song.

Hey you guys thanks for the feedback! This was a piece I wrote for my composition class. We had to do our sound check today and I made a lot of observations. One, the highs are way to intense. I stupidly mixed it down into one track to put it in Pro Tools and the snare is so over bearing and the high’s on the vocals are just over the tops. I should have bounced each track separately but I was really short on time so I was just trying to get it to school. I definitely need to invest in some good monitors, because on my headphones the high’s didn’t seem nearly that intense. I’m starting to wonder if my headphones have a built in EQ. There Sony MDR-V55’s.

As far as the ending I did exactly as vV suggested, just did a small fade out at the end. It worked out a lot better. The good news is that I got a lot of good feedback from my peers and that was good to hear. The best criticism I got was about the high frequencies being over bearing, which I’ll work on over the break. I have this urge to keep moving however and start working with my Maschine and integrating it into Renoise. I’m really trying to find a way to implement my live bass playing with Renoise/Maschine. Anyways, I feel like I’m getting closer to my goals.

I record my instrument plain in the sampler during play and i do it a few blocks at a time. I usually cut or slice them later anyway because trying to play a completely in sync bass-line is pretty hard to keep up and wastes more time than necessary.
Just do a few takes and pick the best ones, cut out the wrong ones (well nothing wrong with a little error in a block for the human feeling but i guess you get what i mean).