A Very Good Reason For Renoise To Exist For Linux And Unix Machines

Look at this wonder:


Thanks to Dixan for having shared this link with me

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You can install XP on those without too much hassle. Also, Renoise won’t work properly on that becasue of the small screen resolution.

Probably be pretty cool for gigging though. :)

I saw one of those Eee PC’s, perfect size to travel or actually just go anywhere with.

Next generation of Asus Eee PC will come quarter two in 2008, and will have a larger 8.9" screen with 1024x600 screen resolution.
They will launch/present it on monday.


Some people have managed to get higher resolutions out of the machine using XP. Renoise may work on it yet. :)


It could be higher and may get Renoise to work, but wether that will be workable is still in doubt.
I don’t think the resolution will cover the whole area but probably performs some kind of desktop scrolling.
Either that or all your chars are unreadable. I doubt the last case will be it.

X server (linux) can be configured to have bigger desktop than the actual screen resolution without any extra drivers. The visible area will be scrolled using mouse pointer.

Actually the hacked drivers do give you 1024x768 WITHOUT scrolling
I bought one for my mom and one for my girlfriend for xmas
Really nice little things
The next two or three genrations of UMPC should be very cool indeed


I will crosspost this in the requests (under the field IMPOSSIBLE and TIME WASTE).

What about creating a BONSAI version of Renoise for EEE PCs?

Yes I know, love me, my ideas are wonderful (especially my definitions).

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