A Very WATMM Christmas, 2012

A board I lurk at has its yearly compilation out for Christmas, got some good tracks on it:

I’m Jubal on this.

album art


It is friggin’ awesome imo. Gaarg ftw, but he might be an acquired taste if you’re not used to him:


It’s not that he isn’t good; he actually seems pretty talented.

It’s just the sheer wtf value.

Hello my watmm-y friend!

Watmm-y brothers unite! :yeah:

wtf = watmm?

Excellent tracks and cover art!! I’m guessing Kiss Kringle = Acid Burp?

I don’t think so, judging from his response on the watmm forum.

Hey fellas. Nice to see the album getting some buzz on here.

Kiss Kringle is indeed Acidburp. However, he did an original song, not a Christmas cover.

In case anyone’s wondering about the amazing album art, we have a member on watmm who does very beautiful but also very strange mspaints, which he self-dubbed to be “wrong mspaints”. They were highly celebrated on watmm, so they suit the community compilations very nicely.

ah, I misunderstood :)

  • yes Ga’arg is awesome!