A Video Of Me Tracking A Tune


This is a 20 minute video of me composing a melody for a tune. It was more of an experiment to see how well Renoise recorded, but I figured I might share.

It’s weird watching you compose. There are pauses in this video (while I was thinking of the notes) which I don’t remember! Renoise time travel… :P

PS. Meant to be a level tune for a game, but I’m scrapping it.

Fun to see how a track is evolving from another perpective. Nice lead by the way. :)

i missed a step you did and i actually hit ctrl+up to try and go to the previous pattern to see what you did.

aww man, I watch for a bit at work and it frustrated everyone, including myself … I think I know how my wife feels now … lol.

Like the end result man, very kewl lead man … I miss you!

Very entertaining! Funny, I saw you searching the notes while entering them. Or stressing a new trigger of the same note with a preceding 7xx. That’s exactly the way I do it, too. Another interesting thing was to see that you based the melody on the chords first and once you made variations, you changed the chords for the melody.
Just one question for the psychoanalysis: While you were composing, did you have to think about the screen being recorded all the time, or could you just go on carefree until you decided to turn off the recording?

@plastik frankenstein: So you watched it on a 1024x768 display in fullscreen, too? :)

who wouldnt

Hey Hunzy! Long time :D Saw your message on IRC - I left it on overnight at work. We’ll catch up soon, promise. BTW, I’m in Brissy just past new years!

All those note changings are frustrating for even me to listen to. I just keep playing notes until the note that I hear matches what’s in my head. :P

I was sometimes conscious of the fact I was recording, so I didn’t preview the song so much. Then again I wasn’t intending to make it public …

I change the chords a lot to suit the melody - I do it a lot more than in this video. To me, the melody takes precedence over everything.

The 7xx thing is kinda a guitarist thing, where you change position on the end of your phrasing, or like taking a breath when you’re singing. I’m lazy and I usually use “10” volume or something. (you can’t tell the difference in a busy mix, and it’s technically more accurate/sounds better anyway) … sometimes I will change to a 7FF just to be different.