A video of my recital playing chick corea's spain

Isn’t perfect or anything, but I thought it came out pretty well! I’m pretty stoked on the outcome. There’s a few intonation issues here and there and I mess up some stuff, especially at the end.

I enjoyed that a lot. I wish we could get more videos of Renoisers just doing any kind of music on the site. I wish I could give more input, but my knowledge of jazz bass conventions is not as in depth as my guitar knowledge. I can say that you should try to vary your rhythms in your soloing more to distinguish it from your slashes.

Are you gonna start playing upright since you’re in school?

Well played, nice work!

Hey you guys, thanks for the feedback! It was a blast to play! Bob Weller, the guy playing drums is a legit performer. He’s played with a lot of great players including Joe Pass. He was a the band leader for the Big Band for awhile too. It was an honor to get him to play drums for Vafa and I. I definitely agree that my solo leaved much to be desired. I wasn’t happy with it at all. Hopefully I’ll get on the honors recital!!