A Walk Of Fate

This is probably my most pop-driven song I’ve ever made. A dancey rhythm, decent vocal harmonies, it’s within the “pop” time limit, and it’s generally one my best-produced songs I’ve come up with.

There are a few glitches in this version–these will be fixed soon. Most of the trouble is in a few of the vocal recordings–I need to put effects on all the vocal layers and re-record a couple layers as well, but it’s coming along well.


good stuff. very funky bassline. i really like the break that starts around 1:45

if you hadn’t mentioned that it’s “pop”, i wouldn’t have really noticed that it’s more or less pop than any of your other songs. still sounds very characteristically kizzume :)

Thanks DJ IO. I guess I think of it as “pop” a little more than some of my others because of the beat and polyrhythms–very dancey.

How are the volume levels of the background music vs the vocals?

Some people have told me that at 0:50 that there’s some sort of problem with the pitch, and I’m trying to figure it out. I was noticing pitch problems in completely different parts of the song–some of the fallsetto (sp) parts I’m really not happy with, and there are two points when the quick arpeggio used in the verses just isn’t sung the way I’d like, but all this is being fixed–I’ve got some of the fallsetto parts re-sung, and the rest of the little glitches are being fixed rather quickly.

I wonder if the part at 0:50 is just because the chords go a different place than people expect—I don’t know…

Thanks again for the kind words.

This great art-pop Kizzume! You’re stuff is getting better and better!

I like your words. I like words that are self-relective. There’s not enough focus on words with Renoise composers…

A few moments need attention:

0:35 - this is the only higher harmony that sounds strained. The rest sound good and relaxed.

0:43 - The high harmony is out of sync with the main vox.

That odd transition is fine. Gets you on first listen, but once you know how to expect it then it makes perfect sense. The only one that sounds slightly awkward is the one at 2:33… but only sometimes.

Lovely choral stuff toward the end there…

You getting an album together?

I cringed at 00:50, 1:25, 2:30, and 3:26. There’s definitely something wrong harmonically during those little bits.

Other than that, it’s an interesting track. Kind of old-skool 80’s sounding synth-pop, but interesting nonetheless.


Wow. I guess some people get that part and some don’t. When my good friends said the same thing about it, I really started to wonder. I overestimated the listening audience’s ability to listen to stravinsky-like chord patterns–the part was meant to be dissonent (and bringing in the tritone), but not to the point of cringing. It was meant to have a John Barry (the soundtrack guy) tilt at that moment.

I know now not to attempt mixing tonal complexity with pop. This must be just a personal favorite of mine just because of the personal boundaries that it broke, and I’m glad I’ve gotten the response I have. I’m not going to drop the song or anything, and I plan on fixing the glitches, but I probably won’t include it in the demo I’m going to be sending out because so many people don’t get the tonality. I’ll put it on my album though.

I should make an experimental song that REALLY experiments with tonality… :) It’s been a long time, particularly since I’ve been focusing so much on pop.

Thanks for all your input.

i think the vocals sound mixed at the right level with the instrumentation. i didn’t notice anything weird at the places that sonus mentioned. :D