A way to record pitch bend to automation curve

Renoise currently records pitch bend MIDI events as M1 XXYY effects.

However, I would expect most users would prefer a “what you hear” recording — that is, for the pitch bend data to be recorded to an automation curve.

Can Renoise do this? It would be especially useful now that it’s so quick in 3.1 to wire-up a Renoise native instrument to respond to pitch bend.

(If there are similar limitations around recording other numeric MIDI data, being able to record those to automation too would be pretty awesome.)


What’s up with this, stuff like bends suck as per-line-pattern-data and needs interpolation to sound smooth. Can’t believe a daw can has control its instruments by bend/aftertouch, and can sequence (interpolated) automation graphs, but can’t properly record/sequence bend/aftertouch directly as graph?

What’s going on here, if ppl weren’t used to this as a fact they’d believe the devs must be totally crazy???

Bends are mui importante for many people I guess, and portamento effect commands are nice but just not the same and not available for vst synths!

Still no way to do this?

Not entirely sure im correct but typically with trackers in general…
The ‘automation curve’ has the exact same number of ticks per line as the editor

So recording in the automation verses the editor, would make no difference in resolution at all.
Other than obfuscating the commands by hiding them in a seperate window, perhaps cleaning
up some space in the editor, which is nice, but a different question.