A Way To Sequence Like A Moog 960 Sequential Controller..

As a Berlin School enthousiast I am hooked to the razor sharp, and often, complex sequences by Chris Franke (Tangerine Dream), Klaus Schulze and other artists…
While I’m working my ass off to expand my studio with a Synthesizers.com modular synthesizer including 2 Q960 Sequential Controllers and other analog hardware, I was getting bored by the same sequences and the inability to change a sequence like a 960 module can (skip/normal/stop per step).

After searching for usefull codes I came across the FBxx code (which I never thought was usefull).
First I was copy/cut/pasting the code at the appropriate location but it took way too much time.
So while I was jamming, there it was! Brilliant! Why not place the code after each note and edit it on the fly?
This actually works amazing, you can even play the sequence backwards without stopping it.

I have made a short video to demonstrate how it works:

Renoise Sequence

To do this fast you should know where the notes are in the sequence and where you’ve placed the previous codes, so a bit of concentration is essential.

If you would like to make some retro Berlin School without an expensive modular sequencer, try this!

fun stuff!


“xx is the startposition (row) in the next pattern.”

oh snap! i hadn’t noticed that one.


Normally I only use one pattern to keep overview of the sequence, but you can also use this to switch to sequences in other patterns.

I’m trying to find out if this works with breakbeats using two Renoise windows (one for the usual stuff like basslines, and one for mashing the breaks realtime). :)

Nice. I was just thinking that on my way home from work… if you had two sync’d (sunk, ha!) renoises you could go nuts doing this on the fly. one for some 09breakage and the other a melody loop like in that vid. (or a whole song in a single pattern for that matter). theoretically anyway. fun.

Fun indeed! :)

After trying some things I discoverd that the FBxx code works in one Renoise window while the other is playing the patterns like it should, so I think it’s possible.
Now the question remains how to do this as fast as hell…
I used to do the same thing with 2 crossfading (looped) breaks and the block loop. I will try to combine this with the FBxx codes when I have the time for it.

great! what a good idea

I tried it with a bassline and an Amen break but is takes some serious preparation to do it fast. You must arrange the sequence in a way that at every point you make it loop, it will crossfade between 2 looped breaks (this creates a fast breakage effect if you use breaks that are looped at different positions).

I think you can do the same with normal 09xx breakage though, but not that fast… :)

There was a command in IT2 that would jump to different areas of the pattern, and only be active a certain number of times… this allowed for intricate nested looping and such. I really wish Renoise had this feature :(

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tried that but in my track it jumps allways to row 0 no matter what number i put in the FBxx command.

i have 1.9 so what am i doing wrong?


i used too big numbers. i did like the 09xx. sorry

That would be a nice feature to implement in Renoise for some serious jungle jammin’… :D

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I’d love this feature too, what is the procedure to make this petition official?

FBxx doesn’t work on my renoise (2.8.1), work only ZBxx. I can’t find FB neither on manual or pattern command list!

On the older Renoise versions that was the old command.
It still works with deprecated songs that you load in the newer Renoise environments.