A4-Tech X7 Mouse

Hi. I’m using demo version of Renoise 64Bit v2.8.0 (Built: Mar 14 2012) under ArchLinux.
I have two A4-Tech X7 mices (one big and one small which i use with notebook), and when i move cursor fast over Renoise interface by X7 it hangs until i stop moving.
But i have few cheap USB mices and these mices don’t cause such problems even if X7 plugged in USB, but i want to use X7, because it has high DPI sensor and cursor moves very smooth.
May be this problem related to high pointer position update rate? Any suggestions appreciated.

It sounds pretty much that seems the problem.
Might perhaps be solved by pulsating value acceptations within a fixed time-span (so that within a second only 256 position polls are done from the mouse regardless what the system sends meanwhile) but i don’t know if this is up to a system driver to pick that up or that an application can control this as well.

There is some updates:
Mouse don’t freeze Renoise interface on notebook with Intel HD4000, all faders/sliders works very well and drag&drop smooth, even if i run Renoise with rendering by Nvidia GeForce 635M.
At first i tought it was Renoise fix by developers for 2.8.1, but when i tried to run 2.8.1 on my old Linux desktop with FGLRX driver and ATI Radeon HD6950 mouse freezes interface anyway.

Fact: when i moving mouse slow about 30 pixels per second interface don’t freeze.

It’s strange, but almost no freezes in Renoise when rendering picture in Blender with all 6 cores of my AMD Phenom II X6 on background.