a773: Up and away

I’m happy to share the first track from my new project

Support/buy: http://a773.bandcamp.com/track/up-and-away


Track comprises pleasant melodics and interesting breaks. In the beginning track seems to be a little lamentable, but with bit entering this pattern changes. Of course, track is melancholic, but it is light sadness. At 2.03 there is good moment when synth is playingand groovy bass are playing.At 2.50 speaking synth enters and creates special feelingsJGreat work.

Great work.

Thanks, and thanks for listening!

Next time I’ll make sure to release a track that starts more to the point, to avoid confusing the impatient :slight_smile:

Cool! I love the hyperactive glitchy breakbeat. Immediately reminded me of Vordhosbn, which I bet must have been part of the inspiration for this track. Then, at about 2:40 melody starts with a bit more happy weird sounds, a style that reminds me a lot of some of mu-ziq’s tracks (I always forget which ones sorry), I really love that part!

Constructive criticisms (big “IMO” around all of them, cause the track is really good–but you wouldn’t post if you weren’t looking for feedback right?)

I think the synth sound for the main melody in the first part is slightly too plain (IMO). Needs a bit more character, or just “weirded up” a little (perhaps some glitchy pitch slides at the edges of some notes? that warble away off to the horizons of some feedback delay).

I don’t like the arpy bit that starts at 1:53 at all. This is personal preference, it reminds me of some music style I (personally) don’t like (some sort of trance stuff I dunno).

I might like to hear the breakbeat a bit more. Although it gets clearer near the end, if I’m hearing correctly?

I also really like the effect you used in the outtro! Cool sounds.

Nice work, melodies/harmony remind me of Squarepusher (a lot), of which I am a fan B), but I like to hear more of you.

Thanks. You mean you’d like to hear more tunes of mine or you’d like to hear something more personal? Honest question, just not sure what you mean…


More tracks I can promise. The other thing… I just try to make something I like myself.