Abandoned Village Theme

A theme for the ruins of an abandoned village, typically quite early in a hero’s journey. A slight hint of an evil presence perhaps?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this jank! :stuck_out_tongue:


Very nice! I agree this village seems not to be a very soothing place, better to take some equipment before exploration… :shield::crossed_swords: :mage:
This could be a fantasy RPG theme for sure!

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Thank you! Composing for an indie RPG is a bit of a dream of mine! :smiley:

I can imagine a solitary icy lighthouse without the winds, but with the winds it sounds more like a foggy village at the edge of a forrest surrounded by wilderness, built and inhabited by incestuous hillbillies who are hiding and waiting for the right moment to kill lost walkers before they cook and eat them. I like it!

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