Ability To Automate Lfo Preset

It would be nice if we had the ability to automate the the preset slots for the custom lfo custom wave forms and hell …why not those of the instruments editor ass well , since we already have 6 (or is 8 ) slots available …why not automate these ?.

Preset Curves, not Presets (all settings) yeah?

Always liked this idea. Could be good for Automation too, where you have 8 of them. Although that use I can only really see being used for live purposes I think that on it’s own is a good enough one.

With LFOs the only option at the moment is have multiple ones with different curves and turn them on and off. Bit of a pain in the butt but better than nothing…

I think custom lfo presets are not song specific, but app wide? That wouldn’t make it a good idea, I suppose.

Well not just for live situations , I use the lfo tool all the time as a custom instrument envelope , it would be a time saver if we could automate /change the custom waveform …
instead of choosing a diffenerent lfo device and disabling /enabling it .

For LFO yes, it has loads of uses. It’s the Automation Envelope Presets I said would mainly come into their own Live.

  • 1 for this, I tried to do this the other day by right-clicking the preset, when it didn’t appear in the pattern editor I was like :unsure: :( .

Still noone who could explain how this would be sensible, as presets are not song specific? I e the output will be indeterminable.

It would be really cool, to have the chance to switch between the internal curves via pattern command/automation.

  • to have an an additional param “Reset on switch: on[(int)pos]/off” for each preset.

At least the ability to switch curves from within the track is a real lack.


It can be done with the Meta Mixer now though.

If it’s only about switching between different LFO devices, I don’t even need a meta Mixer. We’re talking about switching between different pre-defined curves within a single LFO device. I have absolutely NO idea, how you’re gonna do that with a Meta Mixer. :blink: Maybe you can upload an example of this!?

I’m not saying it’s a bad idea. In fact my first post on this forum was a question on how to do this since I assumed it was already implemented so a big +1 from me. I’m just drawing attention to a new feature that is quite awesome. Here is a way to do what you asked for, even with steps between the different lfo wave forms.

^ i have absolutely no idea what’s going on there, but i like how it sounds :D

Thanks for the example. But to be honest, something like this is actually exactly, what I don’t want to do. And you’re limited to 3 LFO’s again then. :)

Still, a single LFO device with 6 internal envelopes, saved with each preset and selectable via automation, would be a burner. :yeah: