Ability To "Drag And Drop" 'Selection' Between Pattern

(The forum server cut short the text that I inputted as the topic title. The following text that is in bold is the text that I mean for the topic title to be.)

Ability To “Drag and Drop” ‘Selection’ Between Patterns & Ability For ‘Selection’ To Span Multiple Adjacent Patterns

Feature Requests:

O In the Pattern Editor, the ability to “drag and drop” “selected” events (the Selection) between patterns when ‘PatternWrap’ option is on.

O In the Pattern Editor, the ability for the ‘Selection’ to span more that one pattern when ‘PatternWrap’ option is on; (The ability to select events in multiple adjacent patterns; The ability to have events in multipled adjacent patterns included in the Selection)

Do you mean you want to do something like this:

Again issue with Patterns within the entire Sequence not having to be unique. Checks and force unique may be possible to code but hopefully we’ll have a decent arranger at some point and this kind of thing will become null and void.

Although personally I generally use every pattern unique, so wouldn’t run into such issues, it is something you need to be aware of.