Ableton has something called 'instrument rack' Does Renoise have this?

So say if you want 2 vsti plugins on the same instrument slot (ie 2 serum’s, but separate patches), is that possible?
I need this so I can do complex bass design, having a sub part and a top part.

What I would do if I needed that function is load two instances of the VST, then use one of them to write the bass line, and then copy/paste the note data to another track, and then use the sidebar to swap instruments so the copy/pasted track is now using the second instance of the VST.

In the midi tab of the instrument editor you can set a midi controller (for example keyboard), if you set up the same input device here for different vsti instrument slots, you can play (& record) multiple vsti instruments at the same time.

You can’t set multiple vstis in the same instrument, though you can layer sampled sounds with vsti in the same instrument + if a vsti can output midi, for example reason rack vsti, you can route the midi output to other instrument slots;


how complex are we talking?
you can definitely do multi-part basses (or any synth for that matter) as sample-based instruments in the instrument editor.
Get familiar with routing samples to their own modulation sets and instrument fx chains, how to use sends in the instrument fx chains, etc. It’s not 2 vsts, but you can have up to 12 samples playing simultaneously and routed independently in terms of modulation and effects…
renoise instruments can be very powerful, especially with resampling vsts or native sound design, and/or using the plugin grabber to grab waves
subs are easy-peasy to add in on their own modulation and fx chains for fat bass :slight_smile:

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thanks guys will look into those suggestions when I get time

You could also use Carla for that, it’s free and comes with plugins for many different platforms. If you load Carla as an instrument (or effect) within Renoise, you basically get a rack for loading other plugins (as many as your you like or your pc can handle) inside the Carla effect/intrument instance and a patchbay to route audio and midi as you please.

If you own Redux, you can even run multiple XRNIs in one intrument slot, by adding multiple instances of Redux with different instruments assigned inside one Carla rack. Might sound useless, but I sometimes use this as a workaround to “merge” multiple XRNIs by grabbing the plugin instrument via “render to samples”


Thank you :ok_hand:

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