Ableton live capture function

is all i want for renoise.
i recently made some stuff again in renoise jsut for sake of my first steps into daws.
and i am still having fun with it. the only reason i hardly used it the last time was: the capture function in ableton.
ez as pie on the fly capturing of ideas. its just great playing around with synths and effects and then having every idea recorded in midi no matter what quality of playing. no goofing around with making one take after the other for hours while the initial idea is fading away into oblivion.

just a “oh shit thats a nice thing” hitting the capture button, replaying the midi and sorting things out fast moment one after the other.

thats what i would like to see: a renoise 3.x capture function

Use this alot in Ableton and would be a great feature in renoise.

But before we get this I would actually like a simple “undo” function for recording in overdub mode, so you can undo the last notes played instead of erasing everything.