Ableton Plug-ins And Instruments As Vst, Vsti In Renoise

I was wondering if there was any way to use the plugins that come native with ableton live (namely the analog/operator midi instruments, the gate and the saturator) as VST plugins within renoise. I know how to run ableton as a slave of renoise but I feel using the plugins from ableton would better suit my needs (and be much less processor intensive, my compositions crash ableton when it is running alone rather frequently).


You can try and throw them in your regular vst plugin folder and see if Renoise detects them. (Try a rescan in the Misc preferences panel)

If plugins are written for Ableton specific, there is a very flat chance you can get them working.
Renoise would have to lie towards the plugin that Renoise is “Ableton” because a host-specific plugin awaits a host-string name from the host it is written for and if the host is not what it expected, then it simply won’t make itself available.

Maybe you will like the Gate in ReaPlugs:

yeah, the main thing about ableton’s gate that i love is the ability to sidechain (that is also true of the the autofilter and the compressor). that enables you to add textures to each instrument (and the possibilities are limitless if you sidechain to a click track with that track speaker off).

I can’t actually find the actual instrument or plugin files from ableton. I have looked through my computer about twelve times to no avail (mac os 10.4.11).

edit: although, now that I think about, renoise has incredible modulation capabilities (LFOs can be applied to ANY parameter!? fantastic), so i might be able to use that in a way that a sidechain can. thinking out loud here.

Well, sidechaining is on the ToDo list, it isn’t there now, but since it is being brought up a lot on this forum in different sections, expect Tactic to get fed up by it and sooner or later implement something useful.