Ableton Resonator As Vst?

Apologies for the slightly off-topic question, but I’m looking for an equivalent of the Ableton Live Resonator plugin available as a VST for use with Renoise. The most important feature is to be able to map MIDI notes to the pitch of the resonator.

I’m not sure how the a ableton thing works but maybe you can create the same effect using a combination of renoise’s filter and key-tracking device.

resolator maybe?
arcdev resomatic : (seems to 404 when you try to dl it)
resochord ensemble in reaktor


Resolator doesn’t seem to be quite what I’m looking for, but Resomatic might be able to do something similar. Found a download here:

Will try it out.

The Ableton Resonator allows you to set up 5 comb filters tuned to specific frequencies adjustable on a semi-tone basis. So you could for example easily set up the filters to correspond to a 7th chord or whatever intervals you wish. Then there’s a main pitch knob which you can map to a keyboard, allowing you to play 7th chords from a signal of pure noise. It can have very satisfying results. For an example, listen to track 4 “Gravitationskraftens stilla stråkar” here:

That is just a very noisy recording of a rocket launch going through resonators which coax melodies and chords out of the noise.

Polycomb… bye Oli Larkin


I think that’s the inverse of what he wants. He wants a comb filter to output midi notes. That plugin uses midi note input to change the parameters on a comb filter.

Let me know if you find something like this sharevari. I could find MANY uses for it.

can renoise route the midi output from a vst into another one, say?

With a 3rd party midi loopback, if a VST is outputting midi notes, you could route those back into whatever you want in Renoise

Sorry for the super-late reply but I’ve moved countries in-between the last post and this and only just got my studio setup back up and running. Been trying out some of the plugins tonight and Polycomb seems to be doing pretty much everything I need. Thanks for the tips!

Btw, Byte-Smasher, out of interest, how would the inverse work? You mean using comb filters to detect pitches in the original signal and output those as MIDI?

Seems I misunderstood you, and you were actually just looking for a midi controllable comb filter :P

I thought you were indeed trying to play notes based on the amplitude of bands in a comb filter.