About Asio Sample Rate

it is fixed to 48000hz or it is limited by my sound card?

if i select “Direct Sound” i can select several sample rates up to 96khz, but with ASIO appears only 48000hz and i can´t change it…


Something wrong with the drivers or incompatibility with hardware, dunno. ASIO runs at 96khz fine for me. I’m assuming you use Asio4All, I’ve had weird problems with that on my laptop too.

Some drivers do lock the sample rate. If thats the case, then they often allow changing the rate in their very own control panel or mixer or something like that.

This is a classic problem with Creative-branded cards.

no, i am using the drivers of the sound card (Sound Blaster Audigy 2).

if i install the “Asio4All” it will solve the problem or it will have conflicts with Sound Blaster´s drivers?

no, i can´t adjust it. In “Device settings”, in Renoise, when i press “control pannel” only appears a window to change the Latency, and i can´t find other menu in the Creative Sound Blaster software to change the ASIO properties.

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You can’t change it, the Audigy 2 ASIO driver is locked to 48k.

ohh… :(

if i install the “Asio4All” i will can select other frequency or it will have conflicts with Sound Blaster´s drivers?

“Asio4All” is only for sound cards that don´t have native ASIO support?

Makes sense to me, I guess. Asio4All must be a way for people with non-ASIO-compatible drivers to use ASIO. I said ASIO too many times :wacko:

i tried it and now it appears in the “device” the ASIO4ALL option (with the “Creative ASIO” too) and i can select now the sample rate.

thanks for the tip!