About Effects On/off Command

I was playing around with xF00/xF01 command and noticed that, if i stop track playing after comand xF00 (but before xF01) and then delete xF01 and xF00 from effect-column, the effect won`t switch back on when i play track after deleting these commands. So I have to write xF01 and play over that position. Is this supposed to be that way?

PS. Sorry for my english, I`m trying :)


actually this is the same with other similar commands (like speed for example) Im not 100% sure but i think that it is made that way on purpose, so you dont have to check all the commands before rendering for example…

Ok, thanks trackit!
I just was a bit confused when this effect was not working, although everything seemed ok. Took me about five minutes to figure out what was the problem :rolleyes: