About Ptrance


I´m Ratzep and I´m PTrance´s brother (for those who know him).
He wanted me to inform you guys that he won´t be able to come here for while now and isn´t able to work with you on the longtrack project and the rest of this stuff which is going on. At thi s time he is in the hospital once again with heavy problems in his stomach again (nothing which kills, but disturbs and hurts big time). Meanwhile he is also hard training again for his final exams and until this deadline he will also remain in the hospital. Something like that said his doc atlast, because otherwise he could get under pressure, which is not good at the moment.

However, now you know whats up with him.


he actually asked me to give this information to Bantai or Gilli but I wasn´t able to retrieve their email adresses, so I posted it here :)

That’s a shame, I’m sure I speak for all of the Renoise communtiy when I say our thoughts go out to him reading that. May he get better soon.

yeah, hope he’ll get better soon…

all the best to him from me too.

hope to see him back on track soon! :drummer:

I was hoping all the time that it’s not his stomach again :confused:
Sascha, if you read this, please let him know that everything is just cool with Longtrack and please deliver our best wishes.
Just in case, you can reach Bantai and me with the e-Mail-Button below our posts.
My direct eMail is: nt (aaaaattttttt) inorganic.de .

best regards


Yes, all the best to ptrance, hope to see him well and back on the boards soon!

Sad to read this… All my best wishes, get well soon…

Good to read, he´ll surely be glad about your reactions. thnx guys :)
And about the Longtrack Project: He was actually jumping around in his bed like nuts always talking: “ahhhh! can´t leave those guys alone ahhh! sob:D

…and wish him an happy birthday!


sign of life
thx guys, really appriciate your comments. :)
As you see I´m already at home, sooner than expected. Though pretty busy with preparing for my exams.

Anyway, feels good beeing at home and back. Ok half back :)

welcome back :)

Welcome half back. B)

Oh, and happy birthday!

THX! …and btw.: nearly back B)
2nd try of my final exams coming up thursday and friday :panic:

Wish me luck guys :ph34r:

Welcome back maestro! Btw what is that you are studying?

if its not too personal a question to ask, what sort of stomach problems?

I ask because I’ve had nearly 7 years worth of my own problems, which are getting exponentially worse recently, and the only reaction from doctors being to throw their hands up in the air in bewilderment. Some other peoples experiences might be helpful as I’m running out of things to look into while at the same time the problem seems to be snowballing. :(

email me if you like… alexstrain (!) yahoo com

Industrial Purchasetrading. Actually I never felt any comfort with this job, since it´s the most overrun Job here in Germany and imho the most sickest of all trading jobs <_<
Ah well, these times we can be glad to have “something” atleast :)

Well, I hadn´t problems for that long time or better say they are always there. Last year I was discovered to have two ulcers in my stomach caused by various things such as: way to much smoking, unhealthy nutrition (fast food and stuff) and last but not least pressure, angryness or heart bleeding (love depression for instance) which caused the ulcer the most in me imo.

Dunno if thats the same thing which you might have but: mirroring the stomach and intestine shouldn´t be wrong though to get a clearer image to see whats not right.

And nope, that´s not to private since my ulcer problem is actually one of the most common problems with the stomachs on earth, so this might also help someone else :)

hmm well ulcers and crohns are what they will be looking for with the next round of proceedures…

what helps ulcers?

It depends…

Medical treatment in the clinic and very much downtime plus a more or less little vacation helped me the most in my situation. This way I also was able to get around an operation, but took more time get revitalised.
Some cases I saw were much worser than mine though, such as like an already to big ulcer which is about to damage the instine (that is a hell of bloody experience then, death possible :( ). An operation to remove this thing is badly needed then.

More important is though (so told me the doctors), to find the initial reason why you´re having these pains. As said, in my case I think it was a combo containing too much tabac and the most important thing getting slapped from ppl all around, which scratches of course the psyche. Little experimenting with some holidays for instance to get away from stress etc. were proving my thoughts. I always felt finer when I was away, but then I got to work in the company again and taadaa… those aches were back.

Anyway, I finally managed to get around this stupid stuff but in the end I think there isn´t a fitting receipt for every person when it comes to ulcer.

On a sidenote: Only bad thing is after all, that I´m still susceptibly for that kind of illness and I will with a high possibility ever stay <_<

Now tries to be happy again :)