About Render

I guess all of us regularly face with such a situation when you need to render project with single channels. So as I think it would be quite usable to make render with single channels and also render with instruments. thanks in advance.

You can mute the channels you don’t need!

=) yeah i know, but what s the reason? in composing i use not only renoise

Ya nye paneemayou :huh:
I don’t use only Renoise too, an that because of the Mastering process.
When I finish a song I expor each instrument on a separate channel, is that what you mean?

yeap! =)

A wise thing to do is to dedicate each instrument to a track, in that way you won’t need note-column export (because i suspect that is what you want exactly) but can just use the render track mode (Save each track into a separate file)…
VSTI plugins that require a dedicated track for FX reasons is another reason not to stuff more instruments on the same track.

im sorry =) im idiot

No you are not, you ask and someone answers, don’t stop asking :)

That’s what I always do. Each instrument into a different track!
It is not correct to play different instruments into one track because when it comes to mixing or assigning different fx to each instrument you could find some problems!
The only things I use miltiple tracks for are chords or polyphonic writing