About Sample Pack After Selling Renoise

HI, i recently had to sell renoise in order to help a friend out with some money. It was the only software i had that someone would pay for. I’ve already regretted it about 5 times since i did it. However, i have been a good boy and uninstalled renoise. However, can i keep using the standard samplepack that i downloaded from the backroom or whaever its called?..i have used it in other projects in other daws already, would be horrible if i have to erase the pack. And i don’t want to abuse the renoise stuff if its illegal. Thanks.

:rolleyes: Get a grip man ffs.

Just keep an eye out for suspicious black vans, parked on the other side of the street. It might be FBI making sure you don’t use the samples anymore.

Some of you guys should learn how to behave and stop trolling. This person is honest here and asking a valid question and unlike some there are indeed people out there who take the legal aspect of their music serious.

Some people just need common sense. <_<

This topic’s not serious… right? Oh dear lord, this better be a troll thread.

answer him already! it’s a serious thread.

The sample pack was something extra for free. Only the usage license of the samplepack applies and as far as i consider, most of the samples were license free as well depending on which sample pack you are aiming on. At least leave the Amen break aside or use that on your own risk.

Let’s keep it that way.

So the answer were not quite as straight-forward and obvious after all. Thanks for a useful answer.

From a legal point of view this of course is questionable.

If you ask us (the Renoise crew) personally, in this very special case, I think nearly everyone will agree that it’s just fine to nevertheless make use of the sample pack. Our licence agreement only exists so that no one can sue !us! to death, not to be able to sue you.

In other words: Yay! Feel free to use it without feeling guilty.

Hey Adam, what’s up? You sound angry man.

Hi Mr Mark, no Im not angry at all. I still got to kill my asanine alter-ego that feels happy with the giggles he gives himself when he trolls on forums. geiroffenberg, i apologize for my two rude posts I made in this thread. sometimes i think im funny but i only make myself look angry and dumb. I hope you continue to enjoy making music with your sample packs. Take care.

Great to hear. ;)

you need a license? fuck!! how much do the lessons cost? i havnt heard of any test centres around here that i could get one, or can i just send off to kellogs for one like my driving license??actually, how the fuck can you do a 3 point turn in renoise?? where do i change the oil?? whats an air filter? do i need a licensed user in the passenger seat to use it? where can i get my learner plates?

sorry…just trolling…

haha, great replies.

Thanks taktik.

It was a serious question, just not very manly written. Sorry about that. I’v read that there is ostrogene in beer, that could have been the problem that day.

Just to clearify, it wasnt about me wanting to use the samplepack only. I managed to sell some of the tracks i made with renoise, and in one particular i used a few of the loops and its not hard to recognice them. Theres a company in the states that use the music on some kind of therapy cd of all things. I get checks from that now and then. It hit me that these loops belonged to the renoise licence, which i sold. I dont have the agreement text any longer.

And YES im scared shitless of certian people that looks for eny oportunity to try to sue you for all you got. And that IS manly.

Aha, but that unfortunately makes the story different brother… We need to discuss bailing fee here…

Nah… just joking :P

Can I use the metronome.wav in songs?

Only if you want to be buried up to your balls in litigation.

Why did I just read this thread? I blame you Toyb0x!


think we need to start the metronome.wav compo challenge… where all sounds in the track have to begin their life as metronome.wav :upside_down_face: