About The First Thing That Has Ever Almost

What other tablets that fit in the same space with multi-touch OSC control software are there?

yes, that is pretty damn cool. but i’d settle for just the block (livid, right?) too.

Yeah it’s a Live Block with a cutout the size of an iPad.

Would love an Ohm64. How about one in copper finish?

Hadn’t seen the Code before either… Quite nice with seemingly having the knobs as push buttons also.

personally, i like the wood ones the best. i really like the look of those wooden controllers.
i have been looking at the Livid Block and Ohm for some time now, but i’m still a bit hesitant to spend Real Money on such a thing of which the chances of it ending up in a closet because i will never perform live or anything are pretty big. i have a meeblip, for example, and have used it once. this is due to the fact that i do not have a proper amp, software amps have not been very successful for me (yet?), and a friend loaned my midi-keyboard. you get the picture. all i do is sit at my laptop on weekends, headphones on, clicking and typing away at Renoise and amusing myself. do i need an Ohm or something like that? no, not really. too bad though.
(damn when i write all this down i start to feel disappointed with myself)

Nothing wrong with a bit of gear-lust though. Everybody like a bit of kit-porn now and again ;)

Dear me, that copper Ohm looks frigging sweet… now I am getting an iPad for vsti use (and for when I’m bored on the street car or have to ‘watch’ the tv with the gf :) so it’d be great if they’d start doing that iPad hookup as well.

I’ve seen iPhones plugged into synths recently. I’m personally not very keen on that but as midi controller - yeah for sure… :)

If you guys have seen any other ways to use an iPad with Renoise/VSTis/Midi etc it’d be great to hear more!