About The Lfo Device


I have been using Renoise for a little while now. I use purely for controlling my midi equipment, and I rely on the Midi LFO Device in Track DSPs to create detail in the sounds I use.

However, I find that when the LFO is active, it is constantly running even when a note is not being triggered. This means that when a note is triggered within the sequencer, the LFO may be halfway through it’s cycle when the note starts to perform.

Is there a way to make the LFO trigger from the beginning of it’s cycle at the same time a note is triggered in the sequencer? This would make my tracking life so much simpler and it is a feature I would appreciate very much.


The velocity metadevice! \o/

Just point the velocity metadevice at parameter 6 (reset) on the LFO.

Bloody brilliant! Bravo! Thanks ever so much. It’s the little simple things you see, that mean so much :)

And with such a quick response I can get straight back to tracking. Thank you

No problem! For even quicker responses, be sure to check out #renoise on irc.esper.net ;)

7 for Renoise 2.5