About to trade my guitar for a bass

Hey guys, I’ve been thinking about trading in my Fender Squier Stratocaster for a bass for some time now. I just found out that one of my friends has a spare bass that he’d be willing to trade for my Strat for. I’m trading him the guitar and amp for his guitar and amp but I had something on my mind that was kind of bothering me. Basses and guitars both use the standard 1/4" jacks right? There are no differences between the kind of cable needed right (?), because I was gonna use this adapter I have that sends the audio signal through USB (via Rocksmith adapter) and I was wondering if it worked the same for basses. I know that basses need different amplifiers that accentuate their low-end and have the proper woofers to keep them from blowing out at such low frequencies. Do they need special cables too? I want to record some of the bass and I don’t want to trash that Rocksmith adapter.

Yes, there is no difference between the cable used for a an electric guitar or bass guitar - 1/4" mono / TS jack.

I would suggest using some sort of preamp / signal buffer before the line level input as both are passive instruments and rely on an amplifier / preamp to feed the pickups some juice, otherwise the signal will be very weak.

I’ve recorded a lot of music running my bass directly into a recording device (lately a Tascam DP-008 EX). It depends on the device, though; this Tascam has a specific “guitar” jack. However, I’ve run guitars and bass into other devices via line-in or mic-in with great results. The signal may be comparatively low but it’s been plenty strong enough. What you won’t get from that is any sort amplifier effect.

I’m fine with the clean signal; it’s usually the sound I want, but I can mess with it later in production if I need to. I also have aVox G2 headphone amplifier (one for bass, another for guitar) that works great. Downside is that it is meant for headphones so assorted cable adapters come into play.

(BTW, I’m really happy with theTascam DP-008 EX for multitrack recording.)

My general work flow is to do some percussive stuff in Renoise, export that to a wav and jam against it on the DP-008. Then export the wavs from the DP-008 and load them into Reaper. I find parts I like, slice them up, and use them as samples in Renoise.