Absolute Blue


I had written the soundtrack for Absolute Blue - a PC-Game that will be released the next weeks and it would be nice to get some feedback from you.

Its fully written in Renoise. The game itself is an 2D-Shooter like the classic games R-Type, Gradius and so on.

I’ve uploaded the songs on mp3.de - this page is in german and doesn’t allow deep linking. But I have links for you, where you just have to click on the disk-icon and then on the download-button to get the full mp3. I think that should be no problem even for the ones of us you doesn’t speak german :slight_smile: [BTW: Does anyone of you know a place where to upload mp3-files for free that allows deep linking the files???]

Hope you like it. Any feedback is very welcome:


Planet Surface:

Liberty Force:

The Last Fight:

Good gaming music. Especially like the “liberty force”, sweet arcade feeling.

Will the game have powerups, bosses and extra lives? I sure hope so. I really
loved those :D

Theres a thread about the mp3 hosting over here:

I like it! I like it ALOTTT!


Especially “Liberty Force”, really nice trancey tune!

The “Final Fight” melody reminds me alot of the Robocop Theme… ever seen that movie??

Hehe, so how do you get these jobs anyway? I mean, making music for a game and all… Sounds pretty cool!

Lucky dastard :dribble:

Must be quite the adrenaline drive, playing a PC game with your own music in it… Full blast!

:yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

PS: Congrats :)
PPS: Any other PC games with your audio in it we should keep our eyes peeled for??

First, thank you for the nice words regarding my music.

Yes, it will - of course. I will post the website here when its online :slight_smile:

Thank you. Very helpful!!!

Yes, but years ago. I can’t remember the theme. During composing it I tought it sounds similar to a song from “Rocky 4” :slight_smile:

That was easy - because I’m also the coder of this game :slight_smile: I had started doing music for games on the amiga with protracker many years ago.

Yes, have a look at:


Also mostly done with renoise ;)

I love 2d shoot um ups, listening to the final battle , unfortunetely on my shit laptop speakers. Yeah , can imagine blasting my way out of this level. How is the track implemented if I may ask? I mean, is there some kind of .rns loader or does it just play a wave/mp3 of the whole.
I remember some games on the amiga, used mod players for the music.

Thank you, Jonas.

When we started we had tought about usinging the RNS-Format but as far as I know, ther is no player code or SDK available. So we have used OGG-Files. We used ogg insted of MP3 because you have to pay licence fees in germany if you’re using MP3-Files in your commercial software. OGG is free and often has also a better compression rate.

Using OGG has also the advantage that I can use all my VST-Plugs and external synths for the music :wink:

For all of you who are interessted, here are some older video files showing ingame scenes:

http://www.intermediaware.de/snakeboss.mpg [1,9MB, MPEG]

Various Scenes:
http://www.intermediaware.de/AbsoluteBlueVideo.zip [24,9MB, zipped MPEG]

Thats awesome work. I would love to get my hands on that.
The Renoise community have very surprising talents :))

Thank you, Mike ;)

Today I finished the song for the end credits of Absolute Blue. You can listen to it at: