Acapella Songs

have anyone got some source/link to decent quality acapella songs? hip-hop preferable

theres huge amounts on select peer to peer networks.

yeah, i know :) the only problem is that the download takes there forever :)


On, Sony Music offers some acapella versions of famous tracks for remixing in Acid Pro-Competitions…

Hey! my first post on this forum B)
I have Acid pro 4… got it from a friend. Since its a sequencer i’m not familiar with the interface, and i have no idea what it can do. I only use it to + or - transpose vocals or whatever samples, so i can use them in Renoise.

But placing a bunch of colored bars in order doesnt feel like composing to me. How come so many people (professianals) use sequencers? Whats wrong with them :blink: . Trackers rock :guitar:

Nice link Conner_Bw. I never knew these sites excisted.

dude I have just the thin for u… Check this thread and thank me afterwards.

Cool eh? plz let me know when you finished a remix.

Its a Mc who want people to remix his tracks so he puts all his acapellas on his site and even reviews the remixes. Check out the remixes… :)

Thanks i’ll check it out!!

Right now i’m doing remix for Cypress Hill & Fugees song “Boom Biddy Bye Bye” :)

i found only 2 acapellas there… is there more somewhere?

I thougt there were more… you can ask the people in the fan section

Can someone explain me please why many acapellas have quiet instrumental part heard on background? Some of them have very very quiet, some little louder…

I thought that maybe those are normal songs with instrumental part supressed with filters and noise removal tools, but then again. the quality of vocals would not be any good then… actually it would be terrible, i think…

I’ve heard that the mic picks up the sound from the singer’s headphones, which would explain that you only hear the high frequencies. Then again I find it odd that it cannot be isolated better. But in the final mix, the music isn’t audible anyway so maybe noone cares.

Some additions…
Here’s a list with Common Creative samples:

Bootleg acappella’s

Thanks for the first link, thats exactly what i’ve searched, resuable vocals without copyright issues! I have found the second site too today, started from the link in the music subforum. :)

I rather use CC licensed samples… maybe a nice twist for the next BeatBattle.

Why not, but it takes lots of time browsing this site, there is lot’s of overrated stuff, but i have found one very good acapella, which i think is useful for a song.

Omg this topic has my first post in this forum…

look at me now… al grown up and shit.
emotional moment

i must be proud then i guess… being responsibe for your first post and all :)

–>Beastie Boys acapellas!!! <–

in mp3 format though, and you’re probably not to release your remix comercially… never the less, it’s the beastie boys!!! :yeah: