Access Virus Complete Sample Pack [sliced!]

OK, I have posted this on DOA, and Dubstepforum, so I thought I would give you guys the heads up.

There is a sample pack going round which is the complete Access Virus sound set. It is 5gb, and comes in 8 packs.

The thing is, each pack is uploaded as a single .wav file…

Well, I decided to download it all, and slice it into individual samples (mammoth task, I know)

So here are the first 2 banks…

Bank A:

Bank B:

They are 48,000hz/24bit

I will post the rest as I slice them up.

(They are torrents, by the way.)

Peace and f****ing. Believe.

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Herre Gud!
Oh my God!
Got in himmel!

Fantastic :D You have my total support and I believe in you, and may the force be with you!

Good attempt at pwnage my friend, but that shitty app. only supports 16bit.

All good though.

And, thanks butka. I will use the force.

oh, okay. Didn’t know that those were 32bit samples. Bad luck, it seems. Or maybe write this guy a mail and ask for 32bit support.
And I really didn’t want to pwn to, just wanted to help … Because I guess you have something better to do than cut 8gb of samples by hand.

Holy crap! I’ve gotta free up some space on my server now so I can download this and burn it to DVD :P

peace looza!! understood!


and yeah, to everyone else… lets make this a decent seed.

I will chop up the rest soon.

If anyone else wants to chop up on of the files, let me know. I can send you the reduced bit rate 24/48,000 file and you can have a go. each one takes about an hour.



Here is Bank D

(Out of order I know… Bank C glitched on the dl. I will fix this later.)

Sweet. Thanx! :)

OK, here is Bank E!!!


More to come!

I thought Access Virus was a commercial product? Did they release the sample pack for download? :huh:

No, someone recorded the whole lot and loaded on DOA.

I am in the process of slicing up the wav files and posting them as packs.

Yes, the Virus is a commercial product, and these are the preset banks.

As far as I know, presets are not copyrighted (how could they be? Every artist using every synth would have to pay for every sound they use (if they use presets).

If this is wrong, feel free to delete this thread. I will not take the files down, and will continue to seed them, but if this breaks the rules of the forum, I understand.

As long as the audio has been generated, the only problem might be that if the presets are fully factory default, you may still infringe copyright on the designs of the sounds.
To prevent that, the only minimal requirement is to tweak a few settings a little bit in order to make the sound a tad different.

long shot here… anybody have this pack on mediafire???

i don’t understand pirate bay…

i will give you a virtual bj :(

Torrents are pretty easy to use , download UTorrent then the torrent file on tpb . You’ll get the idea how they work pretty fast .

I have a Virus B gathering dust but think I might give these a download anyway. More samples can always come in useful (although it can also cause you to get lost in the woods of sound.)

:o can i have it? ;)

hehe, i saw a video of alix perez using one and it has completely made me want to buy hardware…

it was one of those flashy polar ones… made the warmest dirtiest bass i had heard in ages…

The TI and Polar are definitely a step above the A/B/C series. Shame the TI Mk2 didn’t improve the USB to USB2 though.

Bought it when I didn’t have a laptop along with an MPC to try and get a hardware live-set going then bought a bargain of a laptop a few months later and haven’t played with either as much as I should. Hopefully got a bit of a band/live project starting up with a few mates so hopefully that’ll change in the near future.

You could render patches from…virus-b-updated

Still alot of Virus samples at

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I am mentally slapping you with massive trouts ;)