Access Virus TI Snow

Hey, I have an Access Virus TI snow. I would like to use multi mode. I can’t seem to figure out to have two different parts playing of the Snow inside renoise. I can switch the midi channel being triggered and switch back and forth between parts but not trigger them both simultaneously. If anyone has some experience with Access Virus TI please help!

You have to set up another instrument in renoise for each part you want to play as an alias of the main one, set to a different channel. Then you can play multiple parts of the Virus at once by using the different instruments in renoise that are set to the plugin or an alias of it.

This is assuming you’re using the Virus as a VST with the control center plugin, and not just sending midi. If you’re sending midi then you just create multiple instruments each set to a different channel.

So… Im supposed to open another instance of the TI software? When I try to do this it says something along the lines of “there is another instance of Access Virus TI Snow Active. You can only have one going at a time.”

No, you must use an alias. Instead of selecting the VST again, you select it under VST Alias in the plugin selection box.

An alias doesn’t create another instance of the plugin, it’s just a pointer to the same plugin on another instrument but with different settings (in this case, channel)


Notice under the VST alias group I can select the VST that is set up in Instr. 00

you are a rock star, I’d love to you buy you a beer/cerveza/Heineken.

Gosh, VST alias ? I didn’t know what it was until now… OMG, you may have saved me 60 bucks for an editor. You did…

Ive been trying to figure out how to use my TI software as I like to edit there… Nothing worked up until this thread… thank you Lawd for VST alias feature…


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