Accessing Table Of A Document

when try to insert values to a table of a document, it throws errors.
Any idea how i can fill a document-table with values outside of the document?

doc = renoise.Document.create {  
 t = {true}   
for i=1,4 do   
 table.insert(doc.t, false) -- fails: also doc.t.value fails  

Edit: oh no, I think the syntax table.insert is wrong… it should be doc.t:insert(false) I guess (untested)

And doc.t.value ain’t anything unless you define doc.t.value’s existence first.
Defining a type does not automatically bind several different options to it.

Yes, this is correct.

doc.t is not a table, but an ObservableList object. Please have a look at -> Renoise.Document.API.lua (introduction) for the full story and more details.

Thanks, it works :)