Accommodation In York Uk?

First off: apologies for turning the Renoise forum into Craigslist.

Second: we are seriously getting desperate, so any kind of help anyone here might be able to offer will be received with gratitude.

We are a Norwegian couple in dire need of somewhere to stay in York. I am going on a three month research trip (which is funded, so money’s not an issue) to York Uni. I am working on a PhD on Shakespeare and comic books (I love my job!) but house hunting has turned out to be terribly hard. The private market wants nothing to do with us, since we’re looking for a short-term lease, and since we have problems attending showings. The catch-22 is that we cannot go to York before we have somewhere to stay, but we can’t get anywhere to stay unless we’re already in York (worst-case scenario: B&B ).

I’m willing to pay up to £750 pcm, if need be. We will bring no furniture, we’ll need a functional kitchen and some sort of access to a washing machine.


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