Ace Vsti Lfo Via Instr. Automation Not Precise

Hello there. I’ve some troubles with ACE VSTi. I try to automate LFO2 sync with Instr. Automation. The ACE’s parameter named “Tune”. But i cannot set it precise with instr. automation. I need set it to 4.00 unit, but can set to 3.95 (2A in hex) or 4.05 (2B in hex). Can u help me to solve this? Thanks

Use Automation, not Pattern Commands. There is only so much precision with FF being 256 values in Hex and there is no way to change that fact!

Thanx. I done it yet, within Instr. Automation text field. It wont to be right. Now i try do this with enter value into automation graph text field. And this works :) Anyway - thanx a lot.