Acid Brakes Song ID

First of all, hello good people, im looking for a song since youtube is existing. I was not lucky to find this song. I hope someone from this forum will find it for me or he is familiar with this song

So the song is around middle or end of the 90’s. It starts with some electric pad in the beginning. After 10 seconds male vocal says “right channel, right channel” and that goes only on right channel. After that he goes “left channel, left channel” on left speaker. After that goes like "Balance check, my voice should be at center of both loudspeakers, i repeatmy voice should be at center of both loudspeakers. After 5 seconds of that announcment the rhythm is starting and its like josh wink - higher state ofconciseness. If someone knows this song , please help me, i will be gratefull for life

I can`t help but if anyone knows a trance/house tune from around 2000 that has a sample of a woman saying

"in concentration"

I will present you with a cash prize.

Can you give me more from the song?

It was a sasha and digweed style tune, prog house/trance really can`t remember much more. Have scoured the interent!

I just tried to google this track and this is the 1st result :C

I found this but i think its not what you are looking for

Did you already find? I think I know what song is.