Acid Nightmare, Acid Techno Track....

Have been working on this track for a while now, stuck with it…something seems to sound wrong but i can’t find what…maybe its too many sounds going on…
If someone here has some advice on this track i would appreciate it, trying to finish this for mutant breaks comp… :D

edit:tried to fix some things…don’t know if it worked…think i really messed up the bass :lol:
edit2: won’t put such crap on here again :rolleyes: now sounding much more …well…like acid :lol: wish i had so much inspiratin to work on music al the time…

Really got to work on this thank to -render plugin to instrument …that feature is the best :D

That track is pretty cool. How long have you been working on it for?

Thanks. Theres still a few things i want to change and stuff but i havn’t touched it since i entered mutant breaks with it…Still want to fix some lttle things…one day…

Don’t know for sure how long i worked on this but it was done in 4 days,just about every free moment i had (mostly in the night) :D

It’s very trippy ! As I’m not a lot into techno music I wouldn’t listen to this everyday at home, but I think it must sound great on the dancefloor ! If I were you I would pan the drums in different ways, why not putting an lfo on the panning of the Hi Hat for example, to add more excitement :) But maybe in clubs this kind of thing doesn’t matters so …

And also good job with the bass !

Hey thx for the tip :)

Guess i was so obsessed with finishing the song that i did’nt think to use panning on the hats(maybe to make it sound less…busy…), pan is most times on the last page of my to-do list :D

btw listened ur tune, liking the sounds (though that clap, yea maybe it has to go :P ), interesting to see (hear) the end results :walkman:

Nice track, I really enjoyed listening to this :) Thanks for posting.

Yeah no problem…Its nice to know some people enjoy my music :)

BTW u can download here, with all the other tracks from mutant breaks comp:
(thanks to kazakore:)