Acid Pro 8 is coming this Spring!


“ACID Pro revolutionized music making – and we assure you, it’s still going to be a world leader in loop-based music production come Spring 2018. Buy now and get version 8 with lots of new features for free!” - MAGIX

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I’m also verry curious

I started out with acid 2 , rebirth and a roland xp80 …good old cracked soundforge 4.5 …

Those were Nice days .

Recently you could get an amazing deal , samplitude x3 +soundforge+spectral layers all for 150 euro …

I’ve started with Acid when it was still in hands of Sonic Foundry… beside Renoise I never found a more easier workflow than Acid Pro.

Same here , think it’s was around 2000/2001

Sonic foundry logo was ace …the guy hammering on an anvil .,Dan Goldstein’s of the sonic foundry crew is now working at mixcraft …

I downloaded the demo of mixcraft …deleted in 15 minutes … the horror .

Let’s see what magix does with it , they can’t do worse then sony …

release date: April 23, 2018

trial is up!!

So anyone tried it .?

Atm not on a 64bit machine