Acid Step Sequencer

I’ve got a few acid machines, not the actual 303 but …anyway

I want to make random patterns for them in renoise, but also keep them in a certain key. Whats the best way of doing this?

are there any step sequnecers you know of with a ranodm function?

I dont know if that suggestion will suit your needs or if you already know that and need other ways to acheive it, but :

Sometimes, I do the following to create random sequences:

Put a 16th serie of notes through your pattern editor and use the awesome tool of conner_bw named “Randomize-notes”

to randomize the selection of notes, you can attribute custom scales to random action.

You can also shift the notes around the pattern with “Rotate Pattern”, built by Tactik, to make timing variation.

You can reverse your note order with the right-click menu in the pattern editor

Hope that helped…

I appreciate the help. Having tried this at the weekend, I would like somthing to randomise note timings too…otherwise it gets quite predictable!


Piece of paper, roll dice. Kill minotaurs in maze and make acid with one stone.

i mean this is the real beatnik flavor way…

Look at this

Ive never used the scale option within instrument properties tab, but would that work? Then just mash some keys. Gate, env and ties would be tricky. The graywolf arp is pretty good at gate, pitch etc sequences, but cant remember if there is a random button on it…nor can i remember if it runs on mac

  1. Create phrase

  2. insert 12 note collumns

  3. fill them with notes (lets say c3-c4)

  4. insert Y8 to volume collumn of every note

  5. insert Y00 to FX collumn of all notes

  6. Select any scale you want

  7. Play it

Renoise will randomly select one of the notes. And you can, of course, have different delay setting for every note on the row.
This is the best random sequencer since Doepfer :smiley:

when you say fill them with notes, do you mean literally every line?

mine sounds like shit! any chance of uploading a song file?

when you say fill them with notes, do you mean literally every line?

mine sounds like shit! any chance of uploading a song file?

Do not fill every line, but every column in the first line. Remember the y00 in the fx column of said line has to be y00 and not y02 or whatever. If you do this right you should trigger only one of the notes every time the line plays.

Add a scale to it and it will play the closest note. If two notes are just as close it will pick the lower one.

Line should look like this:

C4…y8 | C#4…y8 | D4…y8 | D#4…y8 | E4…y8 | F4…y8 | F#4…y8 | G4…y8 | G#4…y8| A4…y8 | A#4…y8 | B4…y8 |… …0Y00

I sort of get this now, and it is pretty random in key…but I have no way of `keeping’ a good loop

Will have to try something else - thanks for your help

You should make phrases where only some of the notes are random. Maybe you can get some tricks from this:

I usually just use 2-3 variables and i often make it so one note is more likely to play than the other, by increasing/decreasing the y8 from y1 to yf (this can be in either the pan or the vol column).

I also add an odd note here and there that is unlikely to play, but adds a little extra when it does.

To take it even further i make different phrases, either keymap and add random notes in the pattern editor or even simpler using a custom LFO or at random or both randomizing the reset of a custom LFO connected to the program macro.

Cool, thanks for the advice! We are recording this weekend, so will try a few ways to generate some high quality acid lines!

I would like somthing to randomise note timings too…otherwise it gets quite predictable!

Instead of relying on the “potentially ultimate bassline generator” you could also just spend an hour or two writing some good basslines by hand. Make some variations : slow, fast, sparse, dense…

Then save each one as a preset and you can dial them in whenever.

I agree, what we did last night was set up a beatstep pro and program a load of sequences to send via cv.

However I have had an idea for a new form of sequencer in the process of making this…based on…something classic

I am late to reply with a stupid idea as usual but nothing beats jamming with a keyboard you would probably not be surprised what a wonderful semi-random idea generator your brain and pro or shitty coordination is. I know you thought this but try more. No problem keeping in key, just read up a bit first about which keys to push? Record it all. Pick/fix later. Act like you did it on purpose. You are a genius. discernment is a bigger part of genius than talent.

I found the best one was FM8 which has a great sequencer feature