Acid Track, A Beat And A Good Square

tips and tricks are allways welcome.

thanks for listening.

This is too much for me, please stop posting…

solidly grooving stuff there. the track has a very transparent arrangement and delivers that machinery stance this music breathes from.
even though i’m not that keen of the pads part (feels a bit detached), i enjoyed the listen.

very polished sound - that short synth lick after the bell chime, (main theme) it’s like a call and answer thing which I like a lot.

those pads are so lush and atmospheric, at times (when the drums are not playing or minimally playing) it almost sounds like the pads are going to lead into another groove altogether but then the main theme comes back - maybe they could be used to go into another section - bridge? - but i just love those pads

the drums before the main kick and snare come in imply four on the floor but by using syncopation, do not which is very clever - gives it a stronger emphasis on beat 2

were there any plug-ins used? if so, which? did you use an separate program to master it? it’s very smooth and not too much bottom (which I’m trying to learn to do!)


Thanks for the nice replies,

I use a some effects from waves, and the wizzooverb. It’s the first mix I made with a subwoofer I bought. Normally my lower regions were not nice to hear, but now I can hear what happens out there…

No special programs used to master.