Acmebargig's Headcase

Cool!! To load in Renoise you use this tool: – yeah, small bug, but they are working on it.

Make sure your favorite look ahead brick wall limiter is on your master track. The program does not have a PDF quick start guide. Do not set your monitors loudly if you are going to play around and build amps.

My first amp, “a very liquid, warm fuzz.”

The copy protection is Reaper/Stillwell audio style.

building an amp is a bit more complicated, but for anybody who uses Reaktor, or Max, or Renoise… I do not think you will have a problem. Might take a day or two to get used to the GUI, before you start to see everything.

To install a user generated amp, you save the freud.jpg to your computer, “download folder or desktop,” and run the installer script. A. From within the vst plugin. B. From your start menu folder.

Windows only. 32 bit only.

The tone of this thing is awesome!

Edit = oh, and unless you want to drive yourself, “completely nuts.” If you start to build an amp, make sure you set your keyboard focus in the instrument box, in the upper right hand corner of the screen.