Acoustic Guitar + Renoise

A boring rainy sunday, sat at renoise with my guitar. Decided to write a quick little tune. Took about 5 hours from bum-on-chair to mp3-rendering.

Intonation mistakes all over the place :P That’ll teach me not to practise.…eryinaction.mp3

Sounds really great, but your introduction is pretty long, i would at least add something in the background to tell the listener “there’s coming more”…

Yeah I suppose, I guess you’d just have to keep on listening :P

Here’s a little thing I wrote in about 20 minutes … finished about an hour ago:…utetolachie.wma

But it’s just solo guitar. No renoise involved. Hehe.

So when are you going to involve Renoise here?

Do you use your own string scheme tuning adjustment or did you applied default string tuning for your guitar?
I wondered how people could play certain chord progressions with a default tune settings in the past when i found out that the strings weren’t tuned that way when i tried to strike a default D-chord.

I might add renoise parts if I get bored one day. Unlikely though.

“Mystery in action” was using a capo with the 6th string tuned down a tone. [DADGBE]

“Tribute to Lachie” was using traditional EADGBE tuning, but I used a capo as well to change the key. The ‘real’ key is in A-minor.

Cool stuff…

Btw, Mick Rippon? The name is familiar. Did you make a song called Igsignify?? (Very old song)

oooh good stuff! you tried add guitar rig to the clean strings ?

i mean like this :

-> mickrippon_mysteryinaction_gR1.mp3 / clean-ish
-> mickrippon_mysteryinaction_gR2.mp3 / dirt-ish

:ph34r: :ph34r: sorry i couldn’t resist.

Igsignif: (igsignificant)

Wow, that’s a blast from the past; back in 1995. The noisiest 16 bit samples ever. I think that was my first XM! I wrote that with crappy headphones while my mother watched TV in the same room.

( Sorry for being off-topic, but screw it this time! )

Hah! Funny fact :)
Well… I bought a magazine called Tekno in Sweden back in 1996, and for a few months they filled their monthly CDs up with great scene music (this magazine also introduced me to the classic FT II.) “Igsignificant” was included on the 6th number of this magazine (you did know this, right?), and were one of the great songs I listen to all days before I got Internet in -97. So, you say whatever you want, but I LOVE that song… I never thought I’d meet MICK RIPPON on a place like this! :)

I had no idea! I do get surprised occasionally where things end up. It’s the nature of scene music I guess!

Your examples were interesting. The clean one sounded a little thin for my liking, the 2nd one was warmer and more pleasant though. Distortion and nylon strings for me don’t really work that well, but then again I am so used to hearing my guitar unplugged, I am probably the worst judge. :)

Hi, Mick! Glad to see you still composing great music just for fun and even in tracker :)
Nice guitar tunes.
By the way, I really love your “Doggy Style Mario” tune from Groovy Compo (probably, I told it on IRC#trax 7-8 years ago, but you can forget it :) Do you compose something like this nowdays?