Active Camoflage

This would be so cool if it were real:…ted&search=

This ones for real!

Whoa! I Know we have stealth jets that are invisible to radar due to speed, but this technology would be be pretty usefull to the military for missiles and machinary that lsn’t so fast.

stealth jets are invisible not because of their speed, but because of their shape and materials of which they are composed.

by the way, the second video is a demonstration of invisibility to microwaves. it’s a great beginning, but nothing really invisible

In reaction to the first video…
here’s the rest:

Funny they mentioned the Harry Potter Invisibility cloak:

But all these techniques are not more than what the weatherman uses to point at spots on an empty area:blue-screen technique.

In fact what this Japanese does is something the weatherman may not do:wearing blue clothes or using blue objects because it would create that kind of overlay effect.
This is an effect you can apply in the better studio or video editing software by just picking a specific colour to make it transparent.
Usually this is blue, or purple.

wasnt there actually a suit composed of fiberoptics & 100’s of cmos cameras?
i think i may have read about it in popular mechanics.

its cool an all but, i dont think any of our current technologys will ever be able to achieve invisiblity without a shadow. at least i hope this…

cuz you know they would make it illegal for anyone that isnt a cop to possess it, like bullet proof vests. an on top of it ccd cameras would most probably be able to see you.

maybe just maybe tho, there could be a way to create a full body suit that emits a certain frequency of light that temporarily creates blind spots in other ppl’s eyes? cameras would certainly see you as well as the ppl your in range of but they wouldnt be able to ever identify you, heh as long as you got away! (this post will be my proof of intellectual property!)
(heh like that would matter to darpa!)
i guess the bad thing of this idea is why would they care if they blinded ppl.

Nope, not in this case. This actually works in real life too, not just on a video screen.
Explanation from the lab itself:…EDIA/xv/oc.html

Of course, it only works from one viewpoint, but I’m thinking: why not have several projectors, each displaying their respective background.

The real life only works if they can project their previous shot still image on the reflector using a beamer or other projector.
As soon as the background moves this is a little tougher to achieve this.
At least you need a camera that can record the back-scene on the same scale and distance that the actual still camera stands to record the picture.