Actual Side Chaining Rather Then Signal Following?

this would be good for people that use other VST compressors to side chaining there instruments, etc

Just connect the signal follower to your vst compressor…thats what I do.

Signal following is the neccessary ingredient for side chaining.

Or do just not get your question?

I think he desires a read ahead response rather than on-signal replies.
The SF does not perform read-ahead actions which makes it useless for occasions where you would need it.

yeah i think vV understands :) i could just route it to the gain on the compressor but its not the same D:

I think if a signal follower would always be placed before the pre-mixer tool, it would perform this read ahead that is desired, but that will also introduce this few msecs latency since all other tracks not containing one would have to be compensated in time for the moment the signal hits the pre-mixer device in that one SF track.

The Signal Follower has a lookahead option. Is that not the same?

Ahhhhhhh great, I am learning.

As mentioned above the signal follower has a lookahead feature, is this not the same?

What exactly is the difference…do we want the trigger to respond slightly before the signal so to speak?

Maybe I can improve my technique by trying to emulate this.

Already forgot that option had been added… (i know it was discussed) so frankly yes it is already there.

i mainly just want to duck my instruments with the characteristics of other compressors. if that makes sense! :)

indeed, infact you don’t even need a compressor to do S/C compression, just use the ‘gainer’ and reverse the hi/lo values on the signal follower B)

Play about. Link the Signal Follower to either Ratio or Threshold rather than Gain. Sure you’ll find some combinations you like!

good point! ill try that :D