Actually, Wow!


I just opened a .wav in Sound Forge 7.0, highlighted a bit, hit CTRL-C, then loaded Renoise.

Went to the sample editor and hit CTRL-V and it pasted down.


That is fucking SUPERB!!!

I actually love you, developers!!!

Yeah, I actually just started using this feature recently too even though I think it was implemented pretty long ago. It’s kick ass for sure. Renoise sample editor does the basic stuff but sometimes you want to do some more advanced editing.


Proved very useful last night!

Holy shit!

This thread changed my life.

Guys this has been in there since 2.0.0 and it also has been mentioned in the changelog.
Such a pity that these things go by unnoticed…

Well excuse me for not reading the changelog all the way through and testing out every minute little feature as soon as it gets released… <_<

To be honest, I haven’t used Sound Forge for years with Renoise open, and it was only by chance that I did the other day.

The sampler in Renoise is all I need for working with samples, and I prefer to keep the open programs down to a minimum.

It is an excellent feature, for sure.

Was it hard to implement?

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Wut we can do this noaw?

Wow great!

[center]NICE!!! FUCKING EH!


WOW! :drummer:

This has been a ridiculous timesaver.

  1. Record material in Live
  2. Press Edit button (opens audio in Audition)
  3. Do whatever fixing needs to be done in Audition
  4. Ctrl-C
  5. Open Renoise window
  6. Paste into Sample view of a new instrument

It now takes me like 30 seconds to turn a freshly recorded synth via Live into a Renoise instrument.

i just tested this in sond forge audio studio(the cheap version of sound forge)and it works great
thanks for sharing this tip

Would be great to have this in Linux as well, though.


You think that’s cool