Acustica Audio Aquavox Free Pre-Amp


just wanted to share that you can download a free pre-amp vst on acustica audios new website

heres the link to the preamp

and heres something about it(taken from the website

“Envelop your vocals in liquid warmth. Experience the subtle non-linear nuance and analog character normally associated only with high-end outboard gear. Sporting a sleek and refined user interface, AcquaVox is a top-quality emulation of a world-class preamp. Yours free.”

its quite good actually(IMHO)

cheers, il take a butchers.

i’ve only just tried it, and no serious mixing at that,…

but from using nebula for a while its very subtle so i would perhaps try a few instances on the source,…

or even load a couple on every track.

then just let renoise add it all up and you’re bound to get something sweet.

I’d laugh if this was a placebo plugin

Hey before I follow all those purchase steps. (for 0,- :wacko: )
Do you know it’s also for mac?

Yes there is a Mac downloadable version.